IP67 Rated Access Point Enclosure

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IP67 Rated Access Point Enclosure


TCENC125CISCO 1242 Series AP
TCENC130Motorola AP650 External Antennae
TCENC131Motorola AP650 Internal Antennae
TCENC132CISCO AP1130 Internal Antennae
TCENC133Motorola AP7131
TCENC136Motorola RFID FX7400
TCENC138Motorola AP6532
TCENC140Motorola AP621 Internal Antennae
TCENC142Motorola AP6521 Internal Antennae
TCENC143Motorola AP6522
TCENC144Motorola AP622
TCENC148CISCO 1140 Series AP
TCENC151CISCO 1260 Series AP
TCENC152Motorola AP621 External Antennae
TCENC159CISCO 1600/2600 Series AP
TCENC166Meraki MR62 AP
TCENC170Zebra AP7522 & AP7532

Part Number Construction:
Part Number depending on AP Type clear Lid
Part Number depending on AP Type/Solid lid
Part Number depending on AP Type clear Lid/P DataOutlet
Part Number depending on AP Type/Solid Lid/P Data Outlet


The IP67 Polycarbonate enclosure, with multi purpose steel back plate, which can accept most Manufacturers Access Points/Ports (CISCO; Zebra, Motorola; Meru, Aruba & Meraki). The enclosure protects the Access Pointst/Ports from the elements or damage and is perfect for enabling 802.11 networks to operate in harsh environments. This enclosure, made of Polycarbonate is extremely durable and rugged.

Depending on Part Number the unit is supplied with:

  • Clear or Solid lid
  • Single port data outlet

The clear lid provides a view of the AP indicator lights. The Back Plate can be adapted on request to suit additional hardware. i.e. Data converter, power supply


  • Polycarbonate
  • Removable Lid facilitates component installation and maintenance
  • Gasket provides oil-tight and dust-tight seal against contaminants

Included Components:

  • Fixing Screws
  • Back Plate
  • IP67 Glands
  • Silicone seals


Length External380mm
Height EXterna130mm
Width External280mm
Width2.6kg including Back Plate


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