With theft in rural areas on the increase it comes as no surprise to find more farmers turning to CCTV systems to protect their property and livestock.

TCi have combine their expertise in wireless network with CCTV systems, now with the latest technology we are able to use wireless to cover the most remote areas. Enabling farmers to access their cameras on their phone, helping protect expensive equipment and animals.


Monitor your livestock with Hik-Connect

Hik-ConnectCalving, Lambing and Foaling Cameras help you get more done.

Looking after livestock is a time consuming task, even more so during the calving, lambing or foaling seasons. Hikvision PTZ Dome Cameras provide monitoring for large areas and zoom in to reveal details when needed. With pan-tilt-zoom ability, users are able to position the camera to different angles with a mouse via Internet control. The embedded DarkFighter technology allows the cameras to operate even in dim environments, making round-the-clock monitoring possible. These cameras can be used in conjunction with Hik-Connect enabling Farmers to live view the cameras and livestock on their phones.


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At TCI we can provide you with a bespoke solution to fit any budget, from a complete system modifications on your existing set-up for better results.

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