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Hospitality WiFi is no longer deemed an unnecessary and often costly expense. Many pubs, restaurants and bars now view their wireless networks, and the data gathered through it, as an additional revenue stream.

With guest log in, you are now able to access more detailed information about your customers, who they are, what they like, you can even encourage them to share their location on social media. WiFi is now designed not just to benefit your customers but to give you the opportunity analysis data giving you a better understanding of your market and the consumer’s needs. 

Prevent theft or fraudulent POS activity with CCTV

Hikvision POS Solution connects surveillance video with transaction data points of sales (POS). All scanned items can be displayed in live view and playback and can be programmed to trigger alarms. This allows managers to instantly playback or search for specific transaction. This resourceful solution serves to reduce hidden shrink from theft or fraudulent POS activity


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