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Streamline operational performance with professional Warehouse WiFi

The warehouse and distribution environments require fluidity, with warehouses constantly moving; 24 hour operation, busy staff, mobile computing devices, forklift trucks and lifters, vast ranges of stock density as well as changing rack configurations and layouts, can all cause problems for Wi-Fi.

TCi fully integrated warehouse Wi-Fi solutions are carefully planned and designed to provide optimum network performance whilst significantly reducing costs and labour. Our highly skilled team of engineers  offer an end-to-end warehouse Wi-Fi service from Wi-Fi site surveying, network design and installations, through to commissioning.

Make Your Environment Safe and Secure With CCTV

CCTV is becoming a pinnacle part of running a smooth operation, with large buildings sometimes being vulnerable to crime and limited staff, CCTV is a perfect way to ensure both your building and staff are kept safe.

TCi can provide enhanced safety, reduce liability and theft. We can integrate existing infrastructure and equipment with  modern technology, to monitor possible shrinkage areas, and unauthorised access to bonded & sensitive areas.


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At TCI we can provide you with a bespoke solution to fit any budget, from a complete system modifications on your existing set-up for better results.

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