Fibre Optic Cabling

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Fibre optic cabling is the preferred applications when sites require high bandwidth, long distances and immunity to electrical interference.

Fusion Splicing Termination

This involves supplying ‘pre-terminated pigtails’ –fibre cords ready to be ‘fusion spliced’ into the installed cable.

FLUKE Testing

TCi use Fluke tester as a simple but accurate way to gauge total Db loss along a length of fibre 

We use various fibre cables including:

  • Single mode/ OS1 & OS2
  • Multimode/ OM2, OM3, OM4 & OM5
TCi RF Configuration

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At TCi we offer various services to help with your business, including:

RF Site Survey

Site Survey

Surveys reduce costs by assessing your needs

RF Health Check

Health Check

Evaluate your network's performance

RF Installation


Comprehensive installation by qualified engineers

RF Configuration


Professional configuration prevents disruption

RF Technical Support

Tech Support

Find out the solution to your network issues

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TCi Wireless is a leading installer of Hikvision certified CCTV

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Data Cabling

Cabling solutions from engineers trained to work with copper & fibre

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Fibre Optics

We provide a range of fibre cable solutions and Fluke testing


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At TCI we can provide you with a bespoke solution to fit any budget, from a complete system modifications on your existing set-up for better results.

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